cbd distillate vs isolate

Cbd distillate vs isolate

Over the past few years, CBD has become one of the biggest health crazes sweeping the nation. This rapid and immense growth in popularity is primarily due to the variety of health benefits this cannabinoid may potentially provide.

There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding this amazing compound. Much of it is due to the fact that when your many end customers take a close look at the labels of the various CBD supplements that they buy, they will quickly notice that there are quite a few different types of CBD extracts that are used in them.

Are certain CBD concentrates more beneficial than the others? What are the differences in the effects caused by CBD isolate vs full spectrum CBD oils? Your customers will certainly want to know these intricate differences for themselves so that they can find the CBD products that work best for their lifestyles! Let’s take a closer look at these various hemp-based extracts and see which ones may work most effectively!

How does CBD work?

CBD, which is otherwise known by its scientific name cannabidiol, is a therapeutic cannabinoid that is found in hemp and marijuana plants. This plant-based compound is primarily used as a dietary supplement. CBD affects the human body by interacting with an important regulatory center known as the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The Endocannabinoid System is responsible for controlling a plethora of different hormonal functions.

Through this internal connection, CBD may help the body maintain a more natural, homeostatic balance within the body by helping regulate hormone production. On top of this, many studies have shown that cannabidiol can be effective at reducing inflammation. This amazing trait may help the digestive system eliminate toxins more effectively (hence its use as a dietary supplement). CBD has also shown some interesting properties that help with relieving stress and inducing relaxation.

What is CBD distillate?

CBD distillate is a highly refined form of cannabidiol concentrate extracted from the hemp plant. It is one of the purest forms of CBD extracts that are available in the market. As a matter of fact, most cannabidiol distillate oils test at over 80 percent CBD! The other 20 percent of this cannabidiol extract usually consists of terpenes, plant waxes, other minor cannabinoids, and some antioxidant compounds.

Luckily, some of these compounds have been found to have some potential benefits for the body. Since CBD distillate is quite pure, it has a pleasant flavor that is ideal for use in cannabidiol capsules, vaporizable oils, and tinctures.

THC, which is also known by its proper nomenclature of tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active ingredient found in marijuana and is responsible for the plant’s characteristic psychoactive effects/”high.”

It should be noted that CBD distillates will likely have trace amounts of THC, even if they are derived from hemp rather than the Marijuana plant. While such an insignificant amount of THC should not cause any type of euphoric effects, those who hold certain occupations that require extensive drugs testing may want to stay away from CBD supplements that are made from the distillate. This is because the trace amounts of THC found in those products could potentially build up to testable levels within the body.

What is CBD isolate?

If CBD distillate is refined to an even greater extent, it can become CBD isolate. CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like: Completely isolated cannabidiol! This particular hemp-derived extract is the purest form of CBD that is found on the market; most CBD isolates are 99% or more pure CBD. This means that many of the other unwanted compounds (such as chlorophyll and other types of organic matter) that are found in other CBD concentrates are not going to be found in cannabidiol isolate.

However, this type of extract’s purity also means that certain potentially beneficial compounds such as terpenes, other cannabinoids (such as THC and CBN), minerals, and antioxidants will also be discarded in the extraction process.

Many cannabidiol supplements end up having an earthy, organic taste and aroma due to the full spectrum CBD concentrates used in them. While this flavor is not necessarily extreme, many people are not particularly fond of it. Luckily for us, due to its purity, CBD isolate has absolutely no flavor or smell. These traits make it the perfect type of extract to incorporate into a variety of different edible or drinkable supplements. With CBD isolates, no one will have to sacrifice potency of their CBD products for taste any longer.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

Full-Spectrum CBD concentrates are the least refined of the cannabidiol extract types on the market. They also contain ALL of the potentially beneficial terpenes, plant oils, cannabinoids, vitamins, and antioxidants found in the original hemp plant. It may also contain some unnecessary impurities such as chlorophyll.

Some medical experts believe that full spectrum CBD supplements may be the most beneficial types of cannabidiol products for the body. This is because the extra cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in these products can work in a synergistic manner with the high levels of CBD available to provide even more profound benefits. These factors are why Full-Spectrum CBD products are often used to counteract certain specific illnesses or malfunctions within the body.

Which one is the best? CBD Full-Spectrum vs Isolate vs Distillate

Now that the differences between these concentrates are clear, is it possible to determine which CBD extract is the best? Not really! The answer to this question is completely dependent on the end user and what they want to gain from their CBD supplementation regimen.

For example, if someone is trying to help alleviate some serious inflammation or insomnia, they may want to use the most potent products available. These would most likely be the Full-Spectrum CBD due to the enhanced “entourage effect” that all of the various cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidants help cause together.

Those who are trying to dodge the unavoidable musky, plant-like flavor of unrefined CBD oil may want to try something a little bit purer. For them, supplements made with either CBD distillate or isolate may be far preferred.

Even though CBD is legal in all 50 US states, it should be noted that those who work in law enforcement, airports, construction, or other occupations that enforce rigorous drug testing policies might want to be as safe as possible and avoid any full spectrum or distillate products completely. The trace levels of THC that are in these items could potentially cause the loss of a job or worse if used regularly!

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