cannabis rose

Cannabis Rose

Olfactory pyramid


The scent opens with Bulgarian rose, bergamot and pomegranate flower. The middle notes blend cannabis accord, sheer jasmine and chocolate. The dry down mixes musk, Oolong tea and patchouli.

At a glance

The floral counterpart to Cannabis Santal


Fresh presents Cannabis Rose, the feminine counterpart to Cannabis Santal, launched in 2006. This forbidden floral elixir blends cannabis and roses with sultry notes of chocolate, patchouli and tea leaves. More info :


Eau de Parfum 3.4 oz.


A rectangular bottle adorned with a white tag and a metal cap.

Non, franchement, le nom “cannabis” et la note de “cannabis” dans la composition me rebutent. Pas pour moi !

Some FRESH Sugar scents were too heavy on lemon. This sounds like it’s heavy on musk – I don’t want a lot. “People Who Wear this,” say Lolita Lempicka, Fleur De Coraill and Blue by Ralph Lauren. I wear Lolita. I have tested both Fleur de Corail and Blue by R. Lauren and Don’t like these. So I think I can say I might not try this.

I purchased this based on how much I love Cannabis Santal and am surprised by how different they are (in spite of sharing many of the same notes). Cannabis Rose is brighter and less complex than Santal. It doesn’t have the mustiness and I can’t smell much patchouli in this (I sort of wish this were more pronounced); it definitely plays second fiddle to the rose, which lasts straight to the end. The white musk in the base is really pleasant and I’m happy for its softening effect. It’s very long-lasting! One thing I’ve noticed is that I like this on my skin far more than my clothing. I think it will be a great spring/summer fragrance when it can breathe more and doesn’t get trapped by shirts and thick sweaters.

Oh, dear. I so wanted to like this one seeing as how I love the Cannabis Santal. But on me, it smells harsh, unpleasant, almost like Lysol. I tried several times (I was given a generous sample), but it smells worse every time. I hate it when that happens. 🙁

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