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December, 2020

Prop 207 Officially Starts So AZ Stops Prosecuting Marijuana Users

By Associated Press (AP) — Top prosecutors in the vast majority of Arizona counties are dropping all existing possession of marijuana .

Mexico to Vote on Marijuana Legalization This December

Another one of Arizona’s neighbors is about to legalize marijuana. Mexico would become the third country to legalize marijuana if it .

November, 2020

Marijuana Will Officially Be Legalized in Arizona Today (Nov 30) at 11am

On November 3, Arizona become the 13th state to legalize cannabis when voters approved Prop 207. The new law is known as .

Cannabis Gummies Are Flourishing in Arizona

While sales of cannabis edibles in general have grown steadily in legal marijuana markets, the cannabis candies segment has seen very .

Prop 207 Has Arizona’s Biggest County Tossing Out Marijuana Cases

By Associated Press (AP) — The prosecutor’s office in Arizona’s most populous county announced that all pending cases for possessing an .

When Can People Legally Buy Cannabis in Arizona?

The Smart and Safe Arizona Act Arizona voters passed Prop 207, the Smart and Safe Arizona Act (SSAA), by 60% to 40% .

The Election Revived Cannabis Legalization Bill in New Mexico

By Morgan Lee, Associated Press (AP) — State legislators are rekindling efforts to open New Mexico to recreational marijuana production and .

New Video Goes Inside Arizona Marijuana Facility

Canna Cribs, a cannabis cultivation video series started in Tucson, Arizona, has launched a new video (view below) that features an .

Prop 207 Is Already Stopping AZ Police from Making Marijuana Arrests

Law enforcement agencies in Gila County (the area northeast of Phoenix Metro) have been advised by the Gila County Attorney’s Office .

New Cannabis Concentrate Line Now Available in Arizona

A new, Arizona-based company is now selling its line of cannabis extracts. HAZE Cannabis Co. produces premium marijuana shatter, crumble, batter .

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