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  • October 23, 2020
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5 Cannabis-Infused Hot Chocolate Recipes

There’s nothing more satisfying than a hot chocolate on a cold day, am I right? Today, we’re getting decadent with 3 Cannabis-Infused Hot Chocolate Recipes.

I grew up on hot chocolate. We had bitter-cold winter nights in Canada and living on our tobacco farm, in the middle of nowhere.

Hot chocolate was a special treat in my house, especially in a chilly farm-house where the wind howled through the cracks on the doors and windows.

Warming up with a hot cup made everything alright in the world, and that first sip?


Now, as an adult, I can enjoy the same things I did as a child but as you’ll read today, with a decadent Cannabis twist!

Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s fun being an adult!

Often times I play with weed recipes to find something new and today I’m sharing them with you so that the next time you sit down to enjoy a steamy mug, you’ll have plenty of options to keep it interesting.

Keep reading to discover 3 cannabis-infused hot chocolate recipes that’ll leave you wanting more and more!

Getting Started with Your Cannabis-Infused Hot Cocoa

The very first, and arguably the most important, ingredient you will need in order to make and enjoy the marijuana-infused hot chocolate recipes is canna milk.

It’s milk that’s very easy to make, and you’ll want to have enough on hand to make your hot cocoa.

Cannamilk takes a few hours to prepare, but it does keep in the fridge for as long as your milk is fresh.

You could prepare a larger batch and have it ready for the next time you want to enjoy some cannabis hot cocoa or any other yummy edible recipes that call for this ingredient.

If you’re vegan or can’t do dairy, you can substitute the milk with a combo of coconut milk and coconut cream that is full-fat.

3 Cannabis-Infused Hot Chocolate Recipes From Bourbon to Nutella – Check out the BEST Cannabis Hot Chocolate recipes for a warm buzz! ]]>