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Where to buy cannabis clones in Colorado

Back when I was younger, I always dreamed about growing my own bud on my own schedule. Thankfully, in Colorado that’s not just a pipe dream—each Colorado resident can grow up to six cannabis plants at a time (three vegetative and three flowering), with a maximum of 12 plants per residence. The plants must be kept in a locked enclosure that can’t be seen from outside. Some areas have stricter laws, so be sure to check your local laws for specific details.

If you’d like to get your cannabis gardening groove on in Colorado, check out these clone providers!

Kind Love — Denver

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Average price per clone: $20

Kind Love has been providing high-quality plants to Colorado home growers since 2010. When you buy clones at Kind Love, you are assured the finest genetics and healthy, fungus-free plants that are sure to thrive.

There are currently 28 solid strains on Kind Love’s menu, including popular varieties like Durban Poison and Golden Goat . Clones are available for both medical and adult use, and cost around $20.

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L’Eagle Services LLC — Denver

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Average price per clone: $28.40

The cannabis at L’Eagle Services in Denver is as close to organic as you can get. L’Eagle has been Clean Green Certified since they opened in 2010. This third-party certification relies on USDA organic standards and applies them to cannabis cultivation using sustainable, natural, and organically-based practices. L’Eagle has also won multiple awards for cultivation, including the NCIA 2018 Excellence in Innovation Award.

L’Eagle goes the extra mile to provide the best possible clones to their customers. The clones come in 2-inch blocks of coco that can be used in any system. L’Eagle waits two weeks between cutting and selling their clones to ensure that they have enough root mass to thrive.

While L’Eagle cultivates more than 70 different strains of cannabis, due to extremely high demands, their clones aren’t available all the time. If you’re interested in availability, join their email list . You can also call them at (303) 825-0497 for strains and pricing.

Whether you buy clones from L’Eagle or not, be sure to download their excellent clone care instructions . These instructions will help you get the best start possible.

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The Green Solution — multiple locations

Average price per clone: $29.95

Located throughout Colorado, The Green Solution offers clones at all 16 locations, including 20th Ave at Edgewater , Potomac St at Central Aurora , and Federal Blvd at Westminster . The clones are cut from mother plants at their award-winning grow facilities.

The Green Solution currently offers eight strains, including premium crosses like Chemdawg x Northern Lights . Each 6- to 8-inch clone is ready to transplant into a soil or hydroponic grow. The clones are rooted in a growing medium in a 2×2-inch cup and topped with soil.

You can buy two clones for $29.95 or six for $74.95.

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Karmaceuticals — Denver

Average price per clone: $17

Medical patients who are at least 18 years old can pre-order clones at Karmaceuticals . Patients have a choice of receiving their clones in rockwool or coco/perlite.

Karmaceuticals’ clones are $17 each and come with a 30-day guarantee. You have to pre-order a minimum of six plants, and it takes 25 days to get the clones. Karmaceuticals currently has two strains available: GG4 (Original Glue) and OG Kush .

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Fat Pig Society — Fort Collins

Average price per clone (hemp varieties): $5

If you’re looking for CBD-only hemp clones, check out the Fat Pig Society . This CBD co-op in Fort Collins sells high-CBD and industrial hemp cultivars with less than 0.3% THC for just $5. Contact the Fat Pig Society for more details.

Ready to start growing cannabis? We found some of the best places to buy high-quality cannabis clones in Colorado.