cannabis brand ambassador

Become a Hytiva Brand Ambassador

Hytiva Ambassadors come from all walks of life, majors, and backgrounds! We believe in community, lifestyle, cannabis education, and entertainment to improve the lives of everyone we touch.

As a Hytiva Ambassador you’ll be the voice of Hytiva in your community, helping to share the vision and mission of Hytiva and our products.

If you’re passionate about cannabis and want to work with one of the top cannabis brands, this could be your opportunity!

What You’ll Do

Be Our Voice

Amplify Hytiva brand awareness through word of mouth, social media and event appearances.

Represent Your Community

Gather and provide feedback on services, products, and marketing directly to the Hytiva marketing team.

What You’ll Get

Get rewarded as you build your resume and personal brand.

Free Stuff

Hytiva swag for personal use as well as sharing, discounts, and free products.


Get invited to promotional events and experience working directly with our marketing team.

What You’ll Need


Experience with cannabis and the passion to learn more about this exciting industry while sharing your own knowledge.

Availability for 5-8 hours per month to spend on Hytiva Ambassador activities.

Hytiva is providing real-time dispensary menus and facilitating online ordering of medical & recreational cannabis through partnerships with local dispensaries everywhere.

Learn more about becoming a Hytiva brand ambassador.

Medical Cannabis Budtender and
Brand Ambassador Sales Training

For People Who Want to Step up Their Game, Become Brilliant Sellers, and Land Jobs and Promotions in the Cannabis Industry

If you want to take your cannabis career to the next level, then the Advanced Medical Cannabis Budtender and Brand Ambassador Sales Training seminar is for you. In this intensive course, you’ll gain critical knowledge to establish yourself as a highly professional budtender and set yourself apart from other budtenders in the industry.

You’ll learn to identify patient needs and use advanced sales techniques to increase revenue per customer by selling more add-on products and effectively explaining why the products you sell are better than competitors’ products based on proven chemistry.

As a Certified Advanced Medical Cannabis Budtender and Brand Ambassador, dispensary owners and hiring managers will instantly recognize you as an expert who can help them exceed their sales goals and satisfy patients’ needs.

What You’ll Learn

In this seminar, you’ll learn how to become the ultimate sales agent by gaining valuable knowledge that most budtenders don’t have, including:

  • Advanced Sales Techniques: How to sell specific products, CBD vs. THC, hemp vs. CBD, how to upsell, and more
  • Advanced Chemistry And Metrics: How to read, understand and choose terpenes, cannabis and cannabinoids based on testing; genotype vs. phenotype distinction in cannabis plants; the marijuana metric system; and more
  • Advanced Customer Service: How to meet patients’ needs consistently and how to create positive dispensary brand experiences
  • Advanced Medical: How to educate patients on new products, equipment, and paraphernalia, along with becoming fluent in treatment recommendations
  • Advanced Legal and Compliance: How to use language carefully to stay compliant with the most current laws
  • Advanced Brand Representation: How to speak and act professionally as a brand representative and ambassador

What You’ll Get

This is a deep-dive course designed to help you become a budtending and sales expert. With your Advanced Budtender and Brand Ambassador Sales Certification, dispensaries will be impressed with your knowledge and abilities to not only boost sales and revenue but also to represent their brand and support their patient customers in the best and most professional ways possible.

In this comprehensive seminar, you’ll receive:

  • Guidance on how to land high paying jobs as a budtender or brand ambassador
  • Resume-boosting knowledge and skills to prove you’re the best candidate for the job (or promotion)
  • Face-to-face instruction from highly-qualified and experienced doctors, lawyers, and cannabis industry experts
  • 50-page study guide for deeper understanding and retention
  • Verifiable certificate of course completion documenting your new credentials when you pass the comprehensive 25 multiple choice question exam with a grade of 80% or higher.

Who Is This Course For?

This certification seminar is a must for anyone who wants to build a successful career in the cannabis industry. Designed specifically for budtenders and cannabis brand ambassadors to become sales and service pros, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the job market that puts you on the path to develop a rewarding and lucrative career in the cannabis industry.

Register and Learn from the Best

You can trust that you’ll get the knowledge you need when you register for this seminar with Leafy Green Agency, an established cannabis industry training company with multiple credentials.

This seminar is offered at various locations across the United States throughout the year. Click on the Register button below to see a list of upcoming classes. Be sure to check our Register Now page often because new course locations and times are added all the time!

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Medical Cannabis Budtender and Brand Ambassador Sales Training For People Who Want to Step up Their Game, Become Brilliant Sellers, and Land Jobs and Promotions in the Cannabis Industry