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Mailing marijuana, is it legal? Can if I just mail it, How about a courier service? If I get caught, what happens?

Sending weed in the mail is legal in many countries now, like Canada, for example, where it is the preferred shipping method for medical marijuana patients. In the US, as everyone knows, cannabis is legal at the State level but illegal at the Federal level and Federally incorporated companies are restricted from doing business in weed in any shape or form. So, beware that using a Federal courier service or USPS is technically illegal, but many people do it, and if the amounts are small then it is generally not a big deal. However, until the Federal government stops harassing the cannabis industry, honest weed smoking citizens should know the following.

Mailing to another state – its illegal

Sealing improperly – can be detected

Using a Federal Courier Service – they can open anything, anytime

Send large amounts – without a license, this is a criminal offense

Send in packaging that smells of skunk – you are asking for trouble whether its legal or not

Transporting cannabis across state lines is illegal right across the USA. If you get caught mailing your weed from California, even to Nevada, you are looking at a fine of jail. Using a Federal courier is illegal. Many people use FedEx, but if they open the package, your weed will be confiscated. The same goes for the US postal service, but the USPS requires a warrant to open packages while FedEx can open anything anytime,

If you sent Cannabis anywhere within the State of California, or any legal state, and it’s a legal amount, one ounce or under, it’s legal, but the Fed is weird and wants to exercise laws against marijuana that don’t exist, per the interpretation of the law by the senile, Reefer mad, Jeff Sessions. If you transport weed and it’s over an ounce, or you’re selling it, as opposed to gifting it to a friend.

From Reddit one blogger suggests using, Triple vacuum seal baby. Vacuum sealer available on Amazon for around $50 and this method should work fine, but remember again that thought its common, it’s illegal to mail weed. However, law enforcement is not looking for small non commercial amounts of pot, they’re interested commercial activity and real drug dealers. So, if you choose to mail a small bag of weed to a friend, do it right and bag it properly.


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES – State and local taxes on marijuana could surpass 45% in some parts of California, jeopardizing efforts to bring all growers and sellers into a state-licensed market in January, according to the global credit ratings firm Fitch Ratings. Medical Cannabis patients are exempt from paying much of that tax.

To become a licensed medical marijuana card holder, one must complete a 420 evaluation by a licensed medical doctor. Fortunately, this process is easy and can be completed online. Just type in a brief description about your conditions and symptoms, and a medical doctor will review your application on his tablet. Patients don’t pay for the application, only if they are approved. MMJDOCTORONLINE documents are used at delivery services, dispensaries cannabis clubs, cooperatives, compassion clubs in the State of California.


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Mailing marijuana, is it legal? Can if I just mail it, How about a courier service? If I get caught, what happens?