blowing weed in dogs ear

Getting My Dog High.

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i have one dog who i have been smoking with for over 9 years, hes 10 years old. I dont think he ever maxes out on it, i basically give him hits until he walks away.

i have another dog who is about 12 lbs and she gets a little nuts, but i cant say a definite amount of hits- it just kind of varies, what is being smoked, how big the hit etc. so as soon as i see her eyes get a little reddish, i take her out of the rotation.

i will say tho that after a decade of smoking weed my dog has had no detriment, is outrageously healthy, and still cant get enough ganj.

My dog (Chihuahua) enjoyed the 2 hoots of cheeba I gave him this morning. But after about 15 minutes I went in for a few more hoots and decided to again…