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5 Reasons Why Glee CBD Might Be Your New Quarantine BFF

The gold standard of CBD.

Stella Kleynerman

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Remember when you hated vodka because you only drank Skol? Or when sushi was just “okay” because you tried a California roll at a strip mall? That’s kind of how I felt about CBD. It was either unbearable or just okay. That was until I heard about a new, family-owned CBD company called Glee CBD. It’s the Kettle One of vodka and the Nobu of sushi.

While I won’t point out any specific brand names – nobody wants to be compared to Skol or bad sushi – I’ve never had a great experience with CBD. For me, either the price point or bitter taste wasn’t worth the minimal results. To be fair, I never stuck with a product long enough to see any results until I tried Glee.

Here are five reasons why Glee CBD is going to be your new quarantine BFF.

The Taste

Taste is a huge part of why I never stuck with a CBD oil long enough to see any major benefits. Glee CBD is the smoothest and most delicious CBD I have ever tried. The company attributes the smooth taste to its high-quality process and its formula. The oils come in four different flavors: unflavored, chocolate, mint, and mixed berry. The chocolate is my personal favorite – thank me later.

The Quality

Glee CBD guarantees quality throughout every stage of the process. The high-quality hemp is sourced locally from Wisconsin farmers who use organic practices or are organic certified. Each product then undergoes third party testing three times to ensure there are no pesticides, heavy metals, mold or mildew on the crop. The formula also removes plant chlorophyls and lipids – the culprits for the bitter taste found in some CBD oils.

The Results

This is a product I’ve finally stuck with long enough to see results. Quarantine has been a long, hard, and anxious journey for me. Glee CBD has helped to reduce my stress and anxiety levels significantly; I’ve gained a newfound sense of calmness and my many sleepless nights have reduced. This product has become my quarantine BFF. The benefits are due to the “entourage effect.” This refers to the Glee Full Spectrum CBD that contains

This is gold standard of CBD. Family-owned, high-quality, and delicious.