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Weed Delivery in Recreational State: Top Cannabis Delivery in DC

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many people are forced to stay inside and cope with the ‘new normal’. Many are working at home, getting delivery services for food and supplies, and entertaining themselves in a confined space. For marijuana enthusiasts, this situation is bearable as long as delivery services are available to get cannabis.

Thankfully, DC is a recreational state, which means anyone in the legal age of 21 can possess a limited amount of marijuana. There are a number of delivery services available in DC, which in most times doesn’t require a medical card.

On top of the regulations set, the ongoing pandemic forced dispensaries and marijuana delivery services to enforce stricter measures to sell cannabis. If you’re having a hard time looking for a reliable weed delivery service, here’s a guide for you. We’ve compiled the industry leaders in marijuana delivery in DC that operates during a pandemic.

Understanding Marijuana Regulations in DC

Technically, DC’s cannabis laws are a bit confusing because there is a gray area. For instance, the Initiative 71 passed in 2014 make it legal for anyone over 21 years old to possess up to two ounces of marijuana in public, grow up to six plants at a time, transfer one ounce to another person without an exchange of money, and possess paraphernalia like bongs and rolling paper.

While all the mentioned things are legal, there is still a catch, and violating the regulation could get you arrested. The gray area under Initiative 71 is, anyone can possess weed but selling or buying it is illegal. Now, the question is, how can you get weed if you cannot buy it? The answer is simple and that is contacting a licensed delivery service or getting a marijuana card.

The latter is complicated, hence, contacting a delivery service is the best option. Even dispensaries require a marijuana card for picking up cannabis supplies. For delivery services, one simply needs to be at least 21 years old and buy necessary accessories to go along with the purchase of marijuana.

Changes During Pandemic

Before the coronavirus pandemic, people can drop by any marijuana dispensary to buy cannabis products and accessories. Now, everyone is encouraged to stay at home and prevent going out.

Dispensaries are deemed essential services in DC, hence, stores are still open. However, marijuana stores cannot provide curbside pickup and offer delivery services due to stricter regulations. People can only call dispensaries and schedule a visit, if possible.

The other way to get your marijuana supply is calling delivery services. There are a number of established names operating in DC, and you can freely buy marijuana permitting you to purchase other items like accessories.

Delivery Services in DC

Some delivery services in DC offer weed as a gift with the purchase of other items in the store. This has been going on for several weeks now and people in DC are benefiting. Here are the delivery partners you can check out:

• Ghouse DC

Ghouse is a certified dispensary in DC selling a broad range of products from Sativa, Indica, tinctures, pre-rolls, edibles, accessories, and concentrates. Operating in six out of eight DC wards, Ghouse maintains a good reputation for delivering up to four ounces of products to registered patients.

The marijuana store provides information on products and patients can speak to wellness consultants to get the best cannabis product for specific health conditions. For recreational marijuana, Ghouse sells items like shirts, stickers, artwork, cards, lighters, juices, and caps, and provide recreational marijuana as a free gift. Anyone in the legal age of 21 can participate in the weed delivery transactions in DC.

Aside from the door-to-door delivery service, Ghouse also interacts with weed enthusiasts during marijuana events or pop-ups. However, since any form of gathering is prohibited during pandemic, people can only enjoy the door-to-door delivery.

• 420DC

Another powerhouse for weed delivery services is 420DC. They have a number of weed delivery services including Ghouse. Unlike Ghouse, 420DC doesn’t sell anything they only recommend other weed delivery services in Washington DC, and provide great deals for recreational marijuana.

420DC also recommends services in Maryland and Virginia that offer delivery. Upon delivery, you must present a valid ID to verify the age requirement of 21 years old and above. Failure to present an identification card could mean denial of item delivery.

• Wheres Weed

wheres weed is a premier DC weed delivery shop that sells filters, THC arousal oils, infused beverages, lip balms, patches, bong, edibles, lighters, and pipes. Customers can place an order online and select a package and type of gift to be delivered. Depending on location, deliveries arrive within an hour of placing the order.

The marijuana shop delivers to Washington, but if a customer lives outside DC boundaries, Joint Delivery can coordinate with a delivery for you. Upon delivery, customers need to present a valid photo ID indicating the age and identification of the buyer. Cash and Zodaka online payment are accepted for placing orders.

• weedmaps

When it comes to a wide range of marijuana strains available as gifts, weedmaps surely has premium supply, from Blue Dream to Gorilla Glue and Trainwreck. The store operates daily, from 9 am to 10 pm, and offers discounts for terminally ill customers. Fat Stash only supports online ordering and allows recreational marijuana up to 2 ounces per transaction.

The scope of the delivery is within NW and can reach a good portion of SW. The store releases specials daily, from edibles to concentrates, space cookies, and more. Aside from marijuana supplies, the store also sells merchandise.

• Dreamy

Dreamy is a DC-based marijuana store that offers delivery services for top-shelf cannabis products and accessories. The store sells Sativa and Hybrid concentrates, merchandise, edibles, and more. The selection for gifts is broad, from top-shelf dank to pre-rolls.

The delivery services are available for Washington residents but the store also allows store pick-up by schedule. Customers need to to find out the ideal time and day to visit the store to pick-up orders. Dreamy operates daily, except on Tuesdays.

How to Enjoy Safe and Secure Transactions

At this time, it is important to be careful and only deal with licensed dispensaries to get high-quality marijuana supply. Many people will try to get more money from marijuana enthusiasts who are already desperate to get supplies.

Here are some tips to enjoy a safe and secure marijuana delivery transactions.

Check the Store Website

The first thing to consider when buying marijuana through delivery services is the store’s website. It is easy to distinguish a licensed store from a scam, especially with the use of Google. The website should include a list of products being sold as well as the requirements for the delivery pick up. Note that legitimate and licensed stores require a valid identification card to verify the buyer’s age.

Don’t deal with a sketchy seller online, especially if they are asking for a full payment online. Cash upon delivery is recommended to avoid scam. Also check if the online store has a physical store and see if their hotline can be reached.

Read Customer Reviews

Check out the comments or customer reviews section to see if people are satisfied with the service. As a buyer, you can learn more information about the quality of cannabis being sold and customer service. Browse through online forums, if there’s any, to verify seller claims.

Check the Menu

As a customer, you need to know the items offered by the store. See the menu and find out the best marijuana products being sold. This should always be part of the buying process because no matter how great merchandises are, if the marijuana strain you are looking for is not available, then what is the use of buying all sorts of products? Check the cannabis menu and find out if there’s anything that you like to purchase.

Quality of Items

Some websites show the quality of marijuana offered as gifts by the store or dispensary. This will help you find out if the quality is good or not. Never give in to products being sold without the assurance that you can get a good product.

Consider Ghouse for high-quality marijuana products with reliable delivery services. You are getting what you paid for because the store is established and many people can vouch for the quality of items.

Bottom Line

Finding reliable marijuana delivery services in DC is easy because of the existing regulations. There are a number of established dispensaries offering delivery and pick-up services at the time of pandemic. Consider buying only on legitimate and licensed stores to avoid getting scammed online.

Check out Ghouse DC for marijuana events, deliveries with free edibles during private meetups.

We’ve compiled the industry leaders in marijuana delivery in DC that operates during a pandemic. Aside from the door-to-door delivery service, Ghouse also interacts with weed enthusiasts during marijuana events or pop-ups.