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By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Southern Air Temple

Zetsu Tenrou Battouga

Weed is Aang’s pet dog in the crossover and one of the main protagonists. He is part of a special breed of dog only found at the Southern Air Temple.


  • 1 Ginga Densetsu Avatar
    • 1.1 Book 1: Water
      • 1.1.1 South Pole
      • 1.1.2 Kyoshi Island
      • 1.1.3 North Pole
    • 1.2 Book 2: Earth
      • 1.2.1 Ba Sing Se
    • 1.3 Book 3: Fire
    • 1.4 Book 4: Air
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Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Book 1: Water

South Pole

Weed was found passed out next to Aang in the snow and ice at the South Pole. He and Aang were rescued by sisters Katara and Korra. Along with their friend GB. He was brought back to their village where he became conscious. He asked at first where they were, and got surprised when they found out they were in the South Pole. But when they were asked the same question, Weed got a splitting headache, not being able to remember where he came from or how he got there. But they do know each other, and Weed mentions of Aang being a vegetarian when Aang asked for some lettuce. As they were resting, weed got a bit scared when they heard all the racket outside. He and Aang managed to balance and got outside to find a fire navy ship, with a huge dog pack charging out! During this, he and Aang were cornered by Alam. He wasn’t very much involved for most of the time. Except when Alam attacked Aang and he threw him aside.

After the fight, weed helped Aang again when he was asked the same question on where they cane from. He again got a splitting headache and couldn’t remember, except the fact they hit something hard. He was then asked about Aang’s glowing arrow. But he didn’t know, never saw it happen before.

But later on, after Kya told Aang and weed who they are, Weed raced outside To see Naga and Appa fighting outside. When Appa licked him, he was the first to recognize Appa through a vision that happened to him, showing him playing with a much younger Appa. He and Aang were about to leave, but when Korra, Katara, GB, and Sokka decide to come, he got worried that Appa can’t handle so many people. But Aang tells him not to worry and they go.

Kyoshi Island

Weed and the rest of the gang had to stop at Kyoshi Island due to a deadly sea storm. But early next morning he was attack and brought to the Kyoshi clan, all chained up. After a long confrontation, weed suddenly snapped and broke free from his chain. He attacked one of the Kyoshi Warriors and nearly killed Akame when, out of rage, he done the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga. But he missed and was knocked out. He woke up later at the Kyoshi training hall, oblivious to what happened. He later appears at a sacred watering hole that Aang and Ty Lee decided to swim at. He found it much more comfortable and peaceful at the pool then back at the training room.

But as Aang and Ty Lee were playing, Weed noticed an Eel hound who jumped out and was trying to get at the two humans! Weed fend off the creature for a while until Akame came in. And he, Akame, Aang, and Ty Lee went back to the others and had left, this time with Ty Lee as well.

North Pole

After they left, Weed had a special vision dream, this time it showed him playing with another pup, and a second one, showing a blue scared dog running at him. When he woke up however, they were literally a mile or so away from the North Pole. But when they arrived, he was a bit puzzled when the town was abandons. He shows up later when he finds Aang practicing on his old skills. After a chat, they both go back to Appa to find Katara and Sokka not there! He and Aang race off and show up later when they find the two siblings fighting blue. He stands aside as GB carries him off out of harms way when Katara snaps. When the threat has passed, he returns and helps Katara escape.

Book 2: Earth

Weed and GB appear with the others when Katara returns with food. But as they were eating, he and GB get very irritated by some odd noise only they can hear. And ge backed away two feet from Katara as result. Later that night, he and GB decide to fallow Katara, only to find her in a deadly transformation due to a parasite! Weed reached out to touch her, but the parasite was so scary that he and GB passed out almost instantly after seeing it. The next morning he and GB wake up to an I’m-preg Katara, and they tried their best to keep it secret from the others until they can figure out what to do (with little success). But later on, they come across Toph, Smith, and Smellerbee and weed decided to join them on their trip.

Weed then decides to go into a renisansse fair along with most of his friends. He and GB were looking around the sites until they see Kaibutsu in a cage. Weed walked too close to his cage and nearly got his head ripped off by the giant. But as they were leaving, Weed saw a tear go down his face. He comes back later and manages to go in Kaibutsu’s cage, despite all the pleading by GB. He gently asks Kaibutsu if he even wants to be here. Their talk lasted for a while, during it Kaibutsu tells him of his past and how he got there. During this GB came back with his friends and tried to get Weed out of there. But weed didn’t even budge. And even saids that he won’t leave without Kaibutsu, which shocked everyone! But when Jerome ordered him to get out, he agrees. but broke open the iron bars to Kaibutsu’s cage! He had managed to get Kaibutsu free. Later that night he meets Kaibutsu again, and the giant is now loyal to him.

Weed later on heads to the Spirit library after seeing an earth-bending scroll wolf.

Ba Sing Se

When they arrived at Ba Sing Se, Weed was with Aang after he had quit training with Ba Sing Se’s earth bending teacher. He goes back to their home as Aang went to Zuko’s tea shop. He was Abit tired when he got there, but was shocked when he first sees Korra and Ty Lee in their new stripes. He shows up later though with Smellerbee to find Genba taking his friends away! He tries his best to fight Genba so he can let them go, but in the end he was knocked out and was arrested for disobedience Twords an officer. When being brought into the main chamber, he mainly tried to get used to the other new people. And he remained like this until GB charged in and told them about what happened to the king of Ba Sing Se. He went out and tended to the badly injured Genba as GB went to helpAang deal with Hougen.

Book 3: Fire

Weed appears after Aang’s 4 week slumber and explains to Aang all that had happened to them while he was out. During the talking, Weed tried to tell Aang what happened to Appa but it was brought out when Hope explained what happened.

After discovering Zuko’s and Tom’s capture, he went off to find and battle Blue. He fallowed GB until they finally do come across him. When Smellerbee attacked Blue, Weed leaped over the fence separating them and tried to help when the landslide occurred and he was grabbed by Hook. He raced back in and tried to save Blue but Blue threw him aside and saved him. He walked back after the disaster and asked why he was saved. When Blue died, he was silent and left when they heard Katara’s whistle.

After Toph went missing, he went out and tried to look for her. Smellerbee wanted to go, but Weed tells her to go back and he went alone. He kept looking around but returned without her.

He was shunned by Smellerbee for a while since he didn’t find her. He tries his best to apologize but she won’t accept his apology until Toph is back safe and sound.

He shows up after the Boiling Rock prison incident, trying his best to comfort Aang. He promises him that after the invasion, they’ll go and find her amd bring her back.

Book 4: Air

Weed does play abit of roles in the 4th arc but truly gets his time when they all find Mai . He and GB go out and collect a good amount of fish. But while they were talking, he gets kidnapped by the Boa Brothers . He was brought over back to an old shed and was askedof the Avatar. Of course Weed doesn’t comply and tries to break out. He was pinned again but he jumps out of a window. He was about to get killed when Kaibutsu comes back and saves him. He agrees for Kaibutsu to come back.

When he does return with the fish, he introduces Kaibutsu to basically everyone and calms them down.

After they first get Violet , he gotten another memory dream again thanks to Violet’s lie about Joe . He wakes up and talks dreams over with Zuko for a while.

When Kaibutsu got “sick”, he and Mel went over to see Aang. He tries to relax Aang and agrees with Mel that Aang should visit the Spirit Realm. He assured Aang that they’ll watch over him throughout the night. A few hours later Tesshin snaps at him for letting an in-experienced Avatar into the spirit realm. But the subject was dropped when Violet blood-bends him into submission.

Weed shows up later on, just waking up from his state when Aang returns as a spirit. Weed quickly tells Aang what happened and they ran off to go help get Mai, Zuko, and Aang’s body back. But when they finally do get there, it was after Violet passed out. It was here he meets his long lost brother, Joe . But because of his incident at the South Pole, he has plumb forgotten about him. He does recognize him, but can’t put his finger on who he is.

For most of the time later, he remained a side character until he was thrown in prison. He send a complaint to Hougen and tricked him into starting the escape of Ba Sing Se.

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Weed is Aang's pet dog in the crossover and one of the main protagonists. He is part of a special breed of dog only found at the Southern Air Temple. 1 Ginga Densetsu Avatar 1.1 Book 1: Water 1.1.1 South Pole 1.1.2 Kyoshi Island 1.1.3 North Pole 1.2 Book 2: Earth 1.2.1 Ba Sing Se 1.3 Book 3… ]]>