auto weed grinder

Auto weed grinder

Not every electric grinder has the ability to provide you with the consistency and softness you require from your weed. For that reason, you must take precaution when buying a weed grinder. Don’t just buy the first machine you comes across. Do some window shopping. However, you need to be aware of some of the factors to consider when evaluating the weed grinder to buy. Since it is already electric, looking at how it is powered isn’t a must. The following are some of the pertinent questions you must ask:

What Do You Intend To Use The Grinder For?

The number one purpose of a grinder is to chop and churn weed, whether you intend to smoke or vape it. How fine you grind the weed will depend on whether you intend to use it for smoking or vaping. Most electric weed grinders are automatic. The only difference is in how long you can use the battery before recharging. So, choose wisely to ensure you do not leave anything to chance.

Does It Have A Rechargeable Battery?

The fact that they are electric does not mean that these grinders work the same way. Most of the grinders on the market have rechargeable batteries. Some of these batteries can last for up to 30 days on a full charge while others take just a few hours before being depleted. Still, there are others which have both rechargeable batteries and non-chargeable ones. If the rechargeable battery dies while you are away from home, you can replace it with AAA batteries and continue enjoying well-ground weed. Yet there are other grinders that only rely on AAA batteries. The last kind of electric grinders is that which works when directly plugged into mains electricity. This model does not allow you to carry it with you wherever you go.

What Quality Of Grind Do You Want?

The quality of grind usually depends on how you intend to use it. Ask yourself if you will be smoking or vaping. Not all electric grinders have the ability to provide the right quality grind for both of these purposes. In this case, quality is about how fine the grind is. If all you want is to smoke, go for a coarse grind. Otherwise, you need a machine that can produce the finest grind for vaping.

How Many Blades Does It Have?

Electric weed grinders may have anything between 1 and four chop blades. It is suggested that having many blades makes a grinder better placed to give you a finer grind. But that doesn’t mean that grinders with lesser blades don’t work well. In fact, there are some single blade grinders which can produce fine grinds only that some of the devices in this category may miss part of the weed.

What’s The Grinder’s Size and Capacity?

How handy is the grinder? Make sure you look at the electric grinder’s measurements to know if it is travel-friendly. There are several smokers and vapers who like small-sized grinders because of the ease with which they can carry them while on-the-go. Whether you are out camping or in a hotel room, it will be easier for you to get all the weed you need.

On the contrary, some weed users prefer grinders with a larger capacity. When they start vaping, these individuals need a constant supply of weed. For them, it is necessary to buy a large-capacity grind, which is not necessarily portable.

What Material Is The Electric Weed Grinder Made From?

Electric weed grinders can be made from different types of materials, including wood, acrylic, or metal. If the makers claim a grinder is made of aluminum, check. Find out the kind of aluminum you are dealing with. Metallic weed grinders are the least likely to break when they fall. If you choose acrylic, be prepared for anything.

How Easy It The Grinder To Maintain?

Cleaning and maintaining your electric grinder is a must if you hope to have it in good shape for a long time. A number of grinders come with dedicated cleaning brushes. Others rely on toothbrushes for cleaning. Usually, the smaller grinders are troublesome when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The larger ones are easy to clean. Since you are dealing with an electric grinder, find out whether you need to remove the batteries to clean it.

What’s The Price?

Can you really buy anything without considering the price? You ought to have a good idea of the price bracket which you can afford. Check your budget. Compare it with the products on the market. If you find several grinders you can afford, compare them in terms of the other features. Pick one with the most appealing features. If you can afford an expensive model, then why not?


As you can see, electric weed grinders are meant to make life easier for disabled users. With just one hand, you can operate just any of these devices. Once you load it, press a button, and you will have the ground weed in no time. The challenge is in choosing the right machine for you. However, with the reviews and buying guide above, that should be a walk in the park.

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