All You Need to Know About Mailing Tubes



When sending important stuff without a single scratch, heavy duty mailing tubes are the top choice in the shipping world. They’re not your average tubes; they protect posters and documents and save all rollable things.

Mailing tubes are like cylindrical containers that act as the guardians of your precious cargo. They’re made from heavy-duty materials to ensure whatever you put inside comes out at its destination, looking just as fantastic as when it went in.

They’re like the shield for your important documents, artwork, or whatever else needs to make its journey intact. Here, we will get to know all about these tubes and how they work:

 3 Types of Mailing Tubes

1. Cardboard Mailing Tubes

This is one of the classic types in the mailing tube world. Made from thick, durable cardboard, they protect your posters and documents. They come in various lengths and diameters. They can be versatile for different kinds of shipments.

2. Plastic Mailing Tubes

Plastic mailing tubes are your go-to heroes if you want something more weather-resistant. They are waterproof and more durable, providing extra protection for your items. Plus, you can see through them, giving you a sneak peek of the awesomeness.

3. Telescopic Mailing Tubes

A tube within a tube – that’s the telescopic mailing tube. It’s like the ninja of mailing tubes, providing adjustable lengths for your varying shipping needs. With these, you can customize the size, keeping them safe and secure during their journey.

 Why It is Important to Use Mailing Tubes?

Mailing tubes are like the guardians against rain, snow, or anything Mother Nature might throw their way. Whether you’re sending artwork or important documents, these tubes ensure your items arrive at their destination as pristine as when they left.

Ever tried rolling up a poster and sending it in an envelope? It’s a disaster waiting to happen. Mailing tubes make it easy-peasy. Roll up your items, slide them into the tube, seal it up, and you’re good to go. No more worrying about creases or folds.

Mailing tubes are like the chameleons of shipping; they adapt to whatever you need to send. These tubes are up for the challenge, from posters to banners, blueprints to artwork. No matter the size or shape of your item, there’s a mailing tube ready to take it on.

Next time you need to send out your Logo Calendars or any other important items, think about the sturdy embrace of a mailing tube.

 3 Uses of Mailing Tubes

  • Mailing tubes are the perfect solution for sending your masterpieces safely. Whether it’s canvas paintings, prints, or sketches, these tubes keep your art protected and ready to beautify someone else’s wall.
  • Architects and engineers, listen up! Mailing tubes are your blueprint buddies. Keep your important plans safe and sound during transit. No more worries about them getting crumpled or damaged in regular packaging.
  • Important papers, certificates, or confidential documents deserve VIP treatment. Mailing tubes are like the bodyguards of your paperwork, ensuring they reach their destination in top-notch condition.

So, there you have it. They’re not just tubes; they’re your partners in shipping success.