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Ablis CBD: Cannabidiol-Infused Beverages, Shots and MCT Coconut Oil

Jim Bendis, the founder of Craft Spirit Pioneer and Bendisillery had a vision in 2014. A vision where he saw a future where retail stores were filled with CBD infused beverages. During a discussion with his two sons, he inquired from them on whether they would like to take on a new challenge. It was a challenge that eventually led to the creation of Ablis—a one of a kind beverage provider specializing in cannabis and CBD drinks.

From its humble inceptions, the company has gone to be a leading provider in the US and other European countries. It has gone on to partner with strategic partners such as Acquired Sales Corp which brought with it a ton of business experience and much-needed capital injection.

Today, Ablis is not only involved in the production and delivery of natural CBD drinks, but in tinctures as well as in topical beverages. All the products supplied by the company are hand-crafted in its premises located in Bend, Oregon. It has taken measures to ensure that only natural and GMO-free ingredients are used in the manufacturing process.

The ingredients get infused with ninety-nine percent pure and organic CBD obtained from hemp. The CBD is completely free of any traces of THC and is GMP certified. Ablis products are classified into retail and wholesale products, with different pricing being available for each section.

Marijuana vs Hemp

CBD and THC are the most popular cannabinoids. The names of the two are sure to be mentioned whenever there is a discussion touching on the use of marijuana. Ablis would like to help its clients differentiate between the two.

CBD does not possess any psychoactive qualities while THC is known to contain this particular component. Hemp is traditionally grown for its seeds and fiber and, therefore, tends to have very low THC levels. This means that consuming its flowers will not cause you to become “high”.

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Jim Bendis, the founder of Craft Spirit Pioneer and Bendisillery had a vision in 2014.… ]]>